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4 min readJul 11, 2022


We are excited to announce our partnership with Tezos India as the official code collaboration platform for the TezAsia Hackathon 2022, to incentivize and boost all the projects built/submitted to the TezAsia Hackathon repository on Gitopia. The teams would also be eligible for additional rewards if they choose to collaborate with their teammates entirely on Gitopia from the beginning of the Hackathon, as per the rewards announced in the Game of $LORE program.

The objective of this partnership is to reward all participants with DEV points for their participation which would later be converted to $LORE tokens at Gitopia Mainnet. Even after the completion of the TezAsia Hackathon, the ideas submitted to the Hackathon would be open for the entire community to collaborate on Gitopia, and the contributions by the community in building the ideas further would be eligible for additional rewards.


- The $LORE tokens would be rewarded at Mainnet to the Gitopia address that the team used for submission and collaboration during the course of the Hackathon.

- The collaboration rewards would be given only for the actions performed on Gitopia and verifiable on the Gitopia blockchain.

- The Hackathon submission rewards will be given to all the participants following the submission process, as mentioned in the TezAsia hackathon website.

What is TezAsia Hackathon?

TezAsia Hackathon is a month-long hackathon organized by Tezos India and Tezos APAC with the goal of promoting and making Tezos blockchain more accessible to the general public. This Hackathon will help developers from various colleges and universities to learn and build on the Tezos Blockchain, as well as get introduced to the Tezos ecosystem.

TezAsia Hackathon aims to build an innovation-driven culture by solving real-world challenges. Developers can showcase their skills at the Hackathon and win amazing prizes and grants worth $100k+ each, and an opportunity to get hired and work with the dapps & Tezos entities in the ecosystem. Read more

Why is Gitopia Collaborating with TezAsia Hackathon?

We at Gitopia are trying to make hackathons more actionable and rewarding for the builders to participate. Rewards in most of the hackathons today are only limited to the top few teams. This leaves the participating teams that don’t win with little to no motivation to finish the project further or continue developing after the Hackathon is over.

We are solving this by rewarding all valid submissions made in the TezAsia Hackathon done on Gitopia with 50 DEV points that would later be converted to $LORE tokens at Gitopia Mainnet. The rewards would be given according to the Game of $LORE program aimed to distribute part of the genesis supply of Gitopia to contributors of the ecosystem.

How to submit the project for TezAsia Hackathon on Gitopia?

To submit the project you built for the TezAsia hackathon on Gitopia, follow the steps mentioned in the repository —

You can watch the tutorial video of Guide to TezAsia hackathon project submission on Gitopia

If you are a hackathon organizer, How can you incentivize your Hackathon through Gitopia?

Hackathons are one of the most popular activities done by projects to drive innovation and onboard creative minds to build a useful and interesting piece of technology for the community. Although there is an increase in Hackathon culture worldwide, the quality of submission and participation is falling. Lack of incentives for participants other than winners, lack of post-hackathon support for the participants who wish to continue building on the idea, and lack of a verifiable place for the community to access ideas to build and scale them to the next level are some of the few problems making the current hackathon model less actionable for the community growth.

Gitopia solves this by providing a Hack kit for the community to make hackathons more actionable for the project teams and rewarding for the participants building great ideas.

If you have an upcoming Hackathon and want to reward your participants with the $LORE tokens, fill out the form to talk to us ->

About Tezos India

Tezos India is an organisation supporting the Tezos ecosystem in the Indian sub-continent and is a grantee of Tezos Foundation. As innovation in the blockchain space advances in India, Tezos India constantly strives to address key barriers facing blockchain adoption to date in India: developer adoption, education & training, and ecosystem development. Tezos is a self-upgradable blockchain that enables forkless upgrades with its on-chain governance system, improving accessibility and longevity for solutions built and utilized by the Tezos community. Join Tezos India communities — Discord, Telegram and Twitter.

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